Taher Dhilawala

Full stack developer | Startup enthusiast.

Run Angular tests in parallel on Bitbcuket Pipeline (CI)

Setup karma parallel on Bitbucket CI pipeline to run Angular tests in parallel.

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A year of remote working

My experience of being a remote developer for about a year

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Things to consider for non-tech startup founders

A small guide for non-tech startup founders to consider when starting an online business

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Using Enums (like Rails) in Elixir

Ecto in Elixir does not support enums which is heavily used in Rails. But using macro, we can create custom enums

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Building a web app using Google Sheets

Build a web app using Google Sheets backend and host it on Google cloud infrastructure for free

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Startup Weekend Singapore 2016 — Idea to winning

How we built a product in 54 hours that won the 1st prize in Startup Weekend Singapore 2016

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Setting up Ruby on Rails with Passenger and Apache on a fresh new Ubuntu Box

I've been setting up multiple Ubuntu machines from past 1 year and so writing down the steps that I have compiled after hours of frustration and research.

DISCLAIMER : There are steps like these on many blogs but they did not work for me (hence this list). The steps mentioned below may also not work for you.

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Getting file name from full file path in SQL Server - UDF

Today at office I got a task which had a table with image URLs in one of the column. The image URLs were a network path. I had to write a script to identify the image name (file name) and then update it with a web URL for the same image. I needed a function which would give me file name when given a file path. As you must know, such type of things is very easy in C#. But in SQL Server we do not have any in built function to do this. So I wrote a function of my own. Below is what I wrote and also showing how to use it. The script is self explanatory I believe :)

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Opening Visual studio in older version after converting to a higher version

I have many times faced a problem of converting a Visual studio project to a higher version (say 2010) and then someone coming to me and saying that it needs to be in the older version only.

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